Portland Short Bus

Our Sexy Bus Fleet

Portland Wine Tour Bus - Lucille


This here is Lucille, named after Kyle's grandmother who was a wacky sort with a fairly twisted sense of humor. Lucille was our first bus. She is definitely the feisty cute one. With a maximum capacity of 13 passengers and a smaller engine, she is the prefered bus for around the town trips. She has a fantastic stereo that goes to 11, phone chargers, cup holders for your adult beverages, and of course the much coveted "naughty seat".

Portland Wine Tour Bus - Dorothy


Sadly, Dorothy was retired from the fleet on June 30th, 2015. We miss that ole' gal, but you still might see her cruising around as the official tour bus of Roselit Bone
Dorothy is named after Nicole's grandmother who was a sweet artsy sort. Dorothy is the second addition to our fleet. She has a maximum capacity of 14 passengers and she loves the wide open road. As such, she is ideal for trips to Oregon Wine Country, out to the Columbia River Gorge, and other longer drives. She comes equipped with stereo, tinted windows, couple holders, and ample storage space for your alcohol purchases.