Portland Short Bus
Beloved PSB riders: We are currently only available private & public PDX Urban wine tours, and only through June 30th 2019. We will not be available for any other type of request until an as of yet to be determined date. Any information found on our site regarding private rentals that contradicts this message is temporarily inaccurate. We greatly apologize!

Request a Portland Short Bus Donation

At Portland Short Bus, we love giving back to our local community. We also come from families made up of numerous children/adults with developmental disabilities, as well as an equally sizable number of educators who have spent the bulk of their careers working in special needs programs and lower-income schools.

As such we give priority to programs and causes that focus on special needs and under-privileged education, particularly those on Portland's east side.

While we would love to make donations to every cause that comes our way, our resources are finite.

Please note: under no circumstance will we use our bus to transport children. It would be completely inappropriate given the rather irreverent adult themes contained on our buses.

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