Portland Short Bus

Dear Beloved Portland Short Bus Customers

We regret to inform you that Portland Short Bus has ceased operation effective July 1st, 2019. It has been a wild 7 years since we started in 2012, but it was time to move on to new things.

We highly recommend that you book your next event with Cascadia Cruiser Inquire here or visit their website and tell them that Portland Short Bus sent you!

Thank you for a wonderful 7 years!
Nicole & Kyle

Portland Short Bus Tour Packages

Unlike our open to the public tours, you get to pick and choose your fellow bus riders, whether it be friends, family, or that Tinder date that you ill-advisedly made out with. You will also receive personal pick up and drop off at your home, hotel, workplace, dumpster, or cardboard box (within 20 miles of Portland, and we can NOT cross into Washington state. Dang US DOT and their pesky intra/interstate distinctions).

PDX Urban Wine Tour

Whether you are a sophisticated oenophile or simply a modern drunkard, we want you to picture something:

Imagine you and your sexy ass crew riding a short yellow school bus through the streets of Portland, hanging out in warehouses & garages while sipping some fine wines all the livelong day...

...Scratch that. Don’t imagine it, do it! Portland Short Bus is thrilled to provide you with a tour package of Portland’s most fantastic urban wineries. These independent winemakers are scattered across Portland’s landscape of industrial, residential, and mixed use neighborhoods.

You will spend 5 hours (from Noon-ish to 5pm-ish) as we guide you all across town, visiting up to 4 of our favorites where you will find damn good wines and some of the friendliest winemakers on the planet.

Bus comes with your host/driver and fits up to 13 people.

For this personalized urban wine tour (urban meaning wineries in the heart of Portland), we charge $135 per hour.

Please note that this package does not include tasting fees, which typically run between $5-$10 per winery. The reason we do not include tasting fees is because the wineries we visit tend to waive tasting fees with bottle purchases. Plus, several wineries offer our Portland Short Bus customers a 10% discount off of bottle purchases.

Portland Distillery Tour

Take this five hour tour of 4 small batch distilleries on any Friday or Saturday and be treated to our classic school style sack lunch, a bumpy old bus with bumping toons, and all the ethanol your liver can handle. Please note that we do not include tasting fees with this package, but don't let that stop you...please read the paragraph below

3 of the 4 distilleries that we typically visit are part of Portland's Distillery Row, and two of these distilleries are in far flung areas that are not as easily accessible by foot or pedicab. We highly recommend purchasing a Distillery Row Passport - it ends up paying for itself as it covers your tasting fees and can be used in the future at distilleries that we don't visit.

As with all Portland Short Bus tours, you are welcome to sample your purchases on the bus just so long as you are over 21 years of age and you don't share with your driver.