Portland Short Bus

Dear Beloved Portland Short Bus Customers

We regret to inform you that Portland Short Bus has ceased operation effective July 1st, 2019. It has been a wild 7 years since we started in 2012, but it was time to move on to new things.

We highly recommend that you book your next event with Cascadia Cruiser Inquire here or visit their website and tell them that Portland Short Bus sent you!

Thank you for a wonderful 7 years!
Nicole & Kyle

Private Bus Rental Rates & Information

As we are trying to focus on our urban wine tours, we are only making our bus available for night time drunken bar crawls/strip club parties on a case-by-case basis. What are the conditions? Feel free to contact us and find out.

The Portland Short Bus is available for rentals by private groups. We also have pre-planned private tour packages. We provide the bus, the driver & water cooler with cups. You may bring your own adult beverages to consume on the bus though we highly recommend keeping the hard liquor to a minimum. You bring your friends and the tunes. Please review our cancellation and refund policy before making a reservation.

We highly advise you to read our frequently asked questions to get an idea of what to expect.

A note about shuttling: Because our primary business revolves around having the bus available for 4-6 hour tours and private parties, our approach to shuttling is to treat it the same as a private rental. If you need shuttling at 1pm and again at 5pm, we would consider that time span to be a 4 hour rental. (see rates below). We do have a 4 hour minimum for all private rentals.

Bus rates are as follows:

  • Guided Urban Wine Tours: $135/hr
  • Unguided Private Rental in Town: $115/hr
  • Unguided Private Rental 30 miles or more from Portland City Center: $135/hr
  • A reservation deposit in the amount of one hour of your estimated use is required to secure the date. This will be applied to your total balance at the end of the tour, please see our refund policy)
  • Need help planning your route? We offer route planning services for an additional $100.00 - this includes scheduling, venue confirmation, and printed itinerary
  • Maximum group size depends on which bus is available: 13-14 people unguided, 12-13 people with a guide
  • 15% discounted rate available for military & food/drink service industry members

To reserve your Portland Short Bus please email booking@portlandshortbus.com or call (971) 209-2859

The Rules of the Road

We like to be loose and airy about everything, but there are certain rules of the bus that keep us in the good graces of our passengers, the establishments we visit, law enforcement, and our insurance carrier.

The guidelines that keep us awesome

You and your fellow passengers set the tone. To maximize your good time, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Talk to your fellow riders, even if you don't know them. Fun things happen on the bus. Trade seats from time to time.
  2. Select music that a majority people actually want to listen to - obscure experimental bands are great and all, but in a group dynamic, they tend not to be conducive to socialization.
  3. Share your beverages with thirsty friends.
  4. If hosted, the host is not your servant, the host is your guide, your advisor, your friend, and the person who keeps the bus running on time. Treat them as such
  5. Bring cash - 13 people using a debit card at every stop will severely slow things down.
  6. The driver keeps you safe. Tip the driver. Tip the driver well. Shower the driver with monetary affection, and the occassional kisses. Most of our drivers do have Venmo accounts to make it super easy!
  7. This does not apply to 99% of the our customer base: If you and/or member(s) of your group are prone spewing a non-stop litany of racist or homophobic slurs, and/or you think that just because you are on a short bus it gives you license to start mocking people with developmental disabilities, please be advised that we have a zero tolerance policy for that kind of behavior. If you are not a professional comedian with a honed sense of nuance and you would like to try your hand at skirting the line between comedy and just being an asshole, please reconsider. For those who violate this rule, Your driver can AND will pull over at the nearest safe spot and eject said offending member without refund. We encourage you to police your group. Seriously.

The rules that keep us legal and/or are required by our insurance carrier:

These are the rules you are absolutely required to follow, some of them are because of & federal laws that we are required to follow.

  1. Upon completion of trip, YOU WILL NOT DRIVE IMPAIRED. Basically, if you consumed alcohol at anytime during the duration of your short bus trip, arrange for alternate transportation. Lyft & Uber operate in Portland, and are quite reliable. Traditional taxi service has improved, though it is still a bit difficult on Friday/Saturday/Party Day nights.
  2. You will not drive drunk.
  3. Again, you will not drive drunk.
  4. No smoking on the bus - yes, that includes weed. Legal though it be for recreational use, our state's regulations on smoking any kind of substance in commercial transportation supercedes it.
  5. No use of illicit substances (as fun as they might sound, we can not allow them by law).
  6. No throwing of items inside, outside, at, or from the bus. Should go with out saying.
  7. No body parts or items should protrude from open bus windows. Should go without saying, again.
  8. No alcohol in the driver compartment. It is kind of a law.
  9. Do not bring outside food or drinks into any establishment. This is very much frowned upon by the establishments that we visit. Wineries are typically okay with outside snacks, but certainly not drinks.
  10. The bus driver is the captain and has over-riding authority to deem conditions unsafe or to prematurely end a trip for any reason. In the event that unsafe weather or mechanical situations prompt a premature end to your trip, we will issue a refund for the remaining time.
  11. Those exhibiting aggressive behavior will be immediately ejected. The bus driver and/or host can and will pull over at the nearest safe location and escort you off the bus. Don't be a jerk 30 miles from home, you might find yourself walking back. Should also go without saying, no refunds when this happens. 99.5% of our customer are reasonable, fun loving adults, so this is a rarity.
  12. We have a mimimum age requirement of 21. We make no exceptions to this rule. We don't do proms, and we don't do high school graduations.
  13. The bus can not cross state lines and must operate within a 100 mile radius of Portland.